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Welcome to QuickDog US Version Free Trials Download Web Page 

Your first subscription, for 30 days, is ENTIRELY FREE!   

QuickDog Software only runs on Windows OS Computers

Our products are SAFE and use and recommended - see the following links -

To Install and use QuickDog US Versionfollow these steps and discover how FUN and EASY our greyhound handicapping products are to use (some prior internet experience required) -

1) - Download and Install QuickDog!  Click HERE, or on the QuickDog! Banner Below - Use the OPEN or RUN Option (Click HERE for Installation Troubleshooting)

If you handicapping UK Greyhound Races click here for our QuickDogUK Handicapping Software

If you have concerns about installing our software and harming your computer, check out our user forum at http://www.quickreckoning.com/forum.htm - QuickDog has been around since the year 2000.

Note about Our Technical Support - Support is provided by EMAIL ONLY - no phone support - and this support is not guaranteed during weekends and other typical "time off" periods.  During the time off periods support is provided as available.

2)   Download the Android Smart Phone App - QDApp - so you can take QuickDog to the track without having to take along a laptop. 

3)    Watch the tutorial videos found here -  http://qdoug.quickracingsoftware.com/videos.htm.  Then, since most QuickDog features require as much historical data as possible up to one year, you may download any past data you need from our historical website (its FREE) and QuickDog will automatically download it for you!

4)    Download the latest free racing programs for the tracks you play.  QuickDog automatically does this once you select the tracks you play.

5)    Let QuickDog convert all this data into easy to read Handicapping Information (5 Handicapping Methods to choose from)

6)    Now use the QuickDog SUPERTUNE feature to find out which methods of QuickDog would have worked at your track in the past based on the wagers you want to use. No other product has "SUPERTUNE"!  It's remarkable!

7)    Finally, apply these methods, which worked in the past to today's program!  All in seconds!  Print your own customized "tipsheet". 

We do not recommend live wagering during your trial period with Quickdog.  It will be quite enough to develop a confidence in QuickDog by paper wagers while you learn its features.  If you haven't looked at the tutorial videos you should do so - See Step 3 above. 

This is the entire QuickDog! Software Package, and you can download updates as we make them available.  Use it just like our paying subscribers because your first subscription for an entire 30 days is FREE!  

Get your questions answered promptly via e-mail, and participate in the QuickDog forum of subscribers. 

We want you to have plenty of time to use all QuickDog's features and discover how much easier and fun it is to handicap races with QuickDog.  Therefore, be our guest to download and use QuickDog including updates, for a free 30 day subscription period. 

Need HELP?  Contact Mike To Contact Us Click Here 


TRACK INFO - THE BEST PLACE FOR RACING INFO - TrackInfo is the best source for North American greyhound, thoroughbred, and harness racing information, featuring the industry's most comprehensive and up-to-date listing of racing schedules and contact info.

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