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Horse Racing Handicapping Software - Use QuickHorse for 30 Days FREE!

(Includes Handicapping Program and Free Handicapping Data)

  For our statement on Anti-Virus software compatibility CLICK HERE

Follow these 6 steps to discover how FUN and EASY QuickHorse is to use (some prior computer experience required) -

1) - Download and Install QuickHorse!  Click HERE (Select RUN or OPEN) - Keep in mind that QuickHorse is free for 30 days and includes all features. (Click HERE for Installation Troubleshooting) 

Note that QuickHorse ONLY RUNS on WINDOWS XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/10 computer systems. 

"RUN" or "OPEN" the Install_QuickHorse.exe file, or save the downloaded Install_QuickHorse.exe file to your desktop, then doubleclick on it.  Follow the directions which come up.

Note about Our Technical Support - Support is provided by EMAIL ONLY - no phone support - and this support is not guaranteed during weekends and other typical holiday periods.  During the holiday periods support is provided as available.

2)    Watch the instructional videos here - http://qhoug.quickreckoning.com/videos.htmLet QuickHorse automatically download our free handicapping data or choose to download the latest racing programs/charts for the tracks you play from Brisnet. 

QuickHorse can download FREE handicapping data by automatically downloading charts and entries data for you.  You just select the tracks you play, sit back, and QuickHorse takes care of accessing, then importing that information into your QuickHorse!

3)    Let QuickHorse CONVERT all this data into easy to read Handicapping Information, and handicap it for you.

4)    Now use the QuickHorse SUPERTUNE feature to find out which methods of QuickHorse would have worked at your track in the past based on the wagers you want to use. No other product has "SUPERTUNE"!  It's remarkable!

5)    Once you've become familiar with BACKTESTing and SUPERTUNE, you will want to try the Method Builder and create your own handicapping method.

6)    Finally, apply any of these methods, which worked in the past to today's program!  All in seconds!  Print your own customized "tipsheet".

We DO NOT recommend using QuickHorse for live wagering during your 30 day trial period.  30 Days may not be enough to become familiar enough with the product to make it profitable for you so we encourage paper bets only while you learn all the tools available.  If you are a genius or use our automated tipsheets, then perhaps you might consider wagering before using it 30 days.  It's amazing that some will still use QuickHorse to wager the very first day they use it!

AND........."It's POST TIME!!"

Get your questions answered promptly via e-mail during regular business hours

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