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Downloading"QuickHorse" Updates


EXIT QUICKHORSE before you Install this UPDATE!!

QuickHorse 2018 Updates

Mandatory Updates to Fix Subscription Issue!

10/24/2018 - '18 1024 18.10.24 - QuickHorse has been updated and should automatically initiate download within QuickHorse.

08/10/2018 - One user noticed that our Bris Power Rating Calculation didn't appear in the Free Data.  The problem has been fixed and history back to January 1, 2016 has been updated.  Users can redownload history going back 3 years to make sure their free data is up to date.  There is no reason to update QuickHorse but if you do not have the update shown below then you should update.

08/06/2018 - ''18 0806 18.6.1a - We've attempted to simplify our keying system so that we can better respond to issues surrounding subscriptions which expire, seemingly for no reason.  If you have had any issues with sudden loss of your subscription before its expiration date, then install this latest update.

Anti-Virus Software problems?

If you have been having trouble getting update because of ANTI-VIRUS software interference, try using the FILE menu bar item in QuickHorse to select "Latest Update".  QuickHorse will then initiate the update process and your Anti-Virus software may allow that.  As always if you still have problems, then turn off the Anti-Virus software temporarily or permanently before updating QuickHorse

The QHApp can be downloaded by seeing info here -


This version of QuickHorse supports hosting of the QHApp for Android Smartphones.  By placing your QuickHorse software in QDApp Hosting Mode (see the Handicapping_tools Menu drop down Menu at the bottom of that menu).  Once you install this version of QuickHorse and select the "QHApp Hosting Mode", simply press the F1 button as indicated to learn about the QHApp software.  Or click below for info right now -


You must install both the new version of QuickHorse AND the QHApp on your android smart phone to use the App.  Also see the link above for directions about modifying your home network to allow QHApp to communicate through the internet to your home computer network.  QHApp is NOT a running version of QuickHorse, but it does allow you to control your QuickHorse software remotely and also have the QuickHorse software send you its selections.

QuickHorse Data Library Website

You can also access this library website using the HELP MENU BAR feature and selecting the site from the online links found on that popup.

As many of you know, understanding what data is available is helpful when creating your own Columns and Methods and to understand the included columns and methods within QuickHorse.

Thanks for trying and using our QuickHorse product!

"QuickHorse '18 Revisions -  Includes all previous updates!

FIREWALLS and some Anti-Virus Software can totally shut down our software and others' software when you update.  If you download this update and the software immediately shuts down, then please disable or reconfigure your firewall or anti-virus software.

Make sure before downloading to close all QuickHorse windows.  After downloading make sure that you install the version shown above rather than re-installing an earlier version.  This complete update has been updated to include all the service packs shown below.  When installing this update, keep in mind it is not the COMPLETE QuickHorse but only those files which current Subscribers need.  You should therefore install this update DIRECTLY OVER-TOP your current installation.

to download the full updated program

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