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Brett specializes in all types of flooring, window/wall/ceiling trim, stairs, general framing and finish carpentry (finish carpenter).

Free "Firm Fixed Price Quotes" and not another "Estimate" like other Finish Carpenters give.  

Very reasonable rates for hourly work ($40/hr) and your project is done directly by Brett Townsend and not a sub-contractor. 

Areas covered - Upper Olympic Peninsula including Quilcene, Port Townsend, Sequim, Port Angeles

What is "Finish Carpentry"?  What is a "Finish Carpenter"?

Finish Carpentry is the last step in the carpentry process.  A finish carpenter specializes in work that involves the installation of finish woods and trim made of wood, MDF, plastic or molded polyurethane.  Finish carpenters perform tasks such as installing sold surface floors, crown moldings, baseboard floor trim, stairs and other features of a building requiring aesthetic appeal.

Townsend Finish Carpentry (Finish Carpenter) Specialties:

Townsend Finish Carpentry specializes in:  Solid Surface Flooring (hardwood, laminate, engineered which are nailed down, floated, or glued down), Floor Trim, Door Casings, Window Casings, Crown Molding and specialized projects.

Why Contact Brett at Townsend Finish Carpentry -

Lots of building in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State (including towns from Quilcene to Port Townsend, Sequim to Port Angeles) means you're not always going to find the proper professional for your Finish Framing and finish carpentry needs. 

Every day home owners and builders are finding Finish Carpenter (Finish Framing) professionals, the good ones, hard to find.  Instead, there are "finish framers" and other dubious tradesmen popping up all over the place giving high ball "estimates" that are over the top because there is so much work to be done in the construction trades.  These practices, unfortunately for homeowners and builders, mean that in the upper Olympic Peninsula towns of Port Angeles, Sequim, Port Townsend that the contractors are now gouging consumers.  

What Townsend Finish Carpentry (Finish Carpenter) will do for you -

Brett Townsend's company - Townsend Finish Carpentry - will analyze your specific needs and quote a firm fixed price that will make sense to the homeowner and fit right into a builder's budgets for their finish carpentry needs.  With Brett's experience and the use of software tools, he is quickly able to quote an actual total price for the job given the customer's specific needs. 

Your job done on your schedule and NOT a contractor's schedule

There are three parts to a successful job.  Price, Schedule, and Time.  Another trick of the trade these days is for contractors to "book a job" with a reasonable price and then inconvenience the customer with delays in their finish carpentry projects simply because these contractors have over booked themselves.  This means your job schedule will be compromised and falling behind will cost you money!

Brett Townsend's professional ethics and his commitment to your satisfaction means that your job is booked on a schedule that he can keep in order to satisfy the homeowner or builder that so long as your Finish Framing (Finish Carpentry) job is ready to go, Brett is ready to do it.  And his firm fixed price quote for the specified job means your budget will be maintained.