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QuickReckoning.Com uses "QuickWebSecure (tm)" to ensure that its entire web site is  safe for you to browse, and its software products are safe for you to download.  It's actually SAFER to use our products than it is to use other products protected by "digital signatures"!  The following paragraphs will explain the difference between our site security and that of vendors relying on Microsoft/Verisign's "digital signature" theories.

As described by the security company VERISIGN -

"A digital signature functions for electronic documents like a handwritten signature does for printed documents. The signature is an unforgeable piece of data that asserts that a named person wrote or otherwise agreed to the document to which the signature is attached.

A digital signature actually provides a greater degree of security than a handwritten signature. The recipient of a digitally signed message can verify both that the message originated from the person whose signature is attached and that the message has not been altered either intentionally or accidentally since it was signed. Furthermore, secure digital signatures cannot be repudiated; the signer of a document cannot later disown it by claiming the signature was forged.

In other words, Digital Signatures enable "authentication" of digital messages, assuring the recipient of a digital message of both the identity of the sender and the integrity of the message."

The definition above would seem to indicate that a company's software downloads may have been changed by nefarious individuals after being published to the company web site for downloading by customers.  If true, then these nasty individuals would have to -

1)  Download the software files from the web site (easy enough)

2)  Make changes to those software files (easy enough)

3)  Then hack their way into the web site, and replant those now altered files. (this is more difficult but not impossible certainly as hackers simply need to figure out a username and password to accomplish web site access).

According to Verisign, the DIGITAL SIGNATURE gets around this problem NOT BY blocking the intruders or otherwise stymying their efforts, but rather by giving a consumer a vague message saying that something may be wrong with the file when a consumer tries to download it.  This way, the user sees no difference in a downloadable program for which no "ransom" was paid for a digital signature vs a program that has been hacked, altered, and re-uploaded.  

But what kind of protection is this really?  The only way to really call this "Digital Signature" protection is to force all software vendors to accept this scheme and pay for it.  Then, since ALL DEVELOPERS use this system, you could be sure that if software was available but not digitally signed, then it couldn't have been produced by a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER.  Like us, most vendors will not put up with this.  You've probably attempted to download software before, most of which DOES NOT have a digital signature.  

However, the fact that we refuse to be blackmailed (at a cost of about $500 yearly) doesn't mean we don't take steps to protect you.

At QuickReckoning.Com, though we realize that any user can perform steps 1 and 2, we protect our site against step 3 in the following, very logical and straight forward manner.

Each file on our web site is automatically checked for any external changes using the "QuickWebSecure (tm)" web site security software.  Not only are our downloadable files protected, but all our web pages also get this same protection and you don't have to worry when Internet Explorer gives you pop-ups claiming that you are in some sort of danger.

Very simply, "QuickWebSecure (tm)" assures our customers that none of our files, including HTML, ASP, etc., have been tampered with.  

The problem with Digital Signatures is that not EVERY WEB PAGE in a web site can be "digitally signed", because, while surfing, you would be continually bombarded by DIGITAL SIGNATURE pop-ups.  But, because a hacker could replace elements in a web page with scripts that would wipe out or otherwise do havoc with your computer, this would be just as bad as if you downloaded a program that did these same things.  In short, a WHOLE WEB SITE must be protected, otherwise simply band-aiding executable programs provides little protection!  "QuickWebSecure (tm)" protects the entire user experience!

So you see, QuickReckoning.Com uses software to monitor and make sure that nothing changes on its web site unless these changes come from and are mirrored by its secure, offline, system.  That's what QuickWebSecure (tm) does, and this protection ensures that the product you download, and the web site you are browsing, is safe!. 

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