GOULD ENCORE RSX MPX EPX to PC Text File Transport Software

Last Updated - 07/01/2014

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QuickReckoning.Com, announces easy to use utility software which allows text files from GOULD or ENCORE Computer systems running MPX or EPX to be easily transferred to Windows/DOS compatible Personal Computers using a standard serial connection.  Systems covered include Gould 32/27, 32/67, 32/87, 32/97 Systems and Encore RSX systems.

Perhaps you are still editing software on these legacy systems.  If you are, you should know that with today's PC editors, you could save literally hours of editing, by downloading the file to the PC, editing it there, then sending it back to the GOULD/ENCORE.  But if you are attempting to use commercial terminal software and the KERMIT protocol to move files to or from your legacy GOULD/ENCORE, you know that this may be tedious and frustrating because it doesn't work very well, especially when sending the files from the PC to the GOULD/ENCORE!

QuickReckoning.Com can provide software that was designed specifically to download "STORED" text files from the ENCORE and predecessor GOULD computer systems which use 8-line asynch (serial) boards or compatible, and running MPX/EPX or a compatible OS, to a WINDOWS/DOS PC. This may be done one file at a time or entire directories at a time. In addition, text files from the PC may be uploaded to the older legacy systems using wildcard designations.

This software package includes a terminal emulator program for the PC and two source files which must be assembled and cataloged on the GOULD or ENCORE computers. The entire package may be downloaded and up and running within a couple of hours!  COMM uses your 8-line asynch or compatible hardware connected using a null modem to your PCs.  It can be used both as an MPX terminal and File Transfer Software without reconfiguring.

Cost is $495 (US Dollars) per Host GOULD/ENCORE installation.  Licenses to run the PCs software are free.

POs accepted via email and software delivery using email of a self-extracting zip EXE file.  You can order this immediately and receive it and be running almost immediately.

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