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Important Notes on downloading our Software and "Safety" Online

Our installation of QuickDog/QuickHorse/QuickDogUK and other products contains no adware and no spyware of any kind and is guaranteed not to harm your computer.  You may find our software on other websites, but those websites may have added adware (cnet for example) or their own spyware.  These installations are also outdated and the software will not work properly.  Therefore download our software from our website only.

In order that products become your Handicapping sidekick it will automatically download data files from the internet for you.  It will also "talk" to our registration server on a regular basis to guard against piracy so that you know your subscription remains valuable because others are not using our software for free.  

Because of its use of the internet and because our install is a simple "self-extracting zip file installation" our products are a target for anti-virus software programs' WARNINGS about how it might be harmful to your computer.  We have a long term users forum where you can see clearly that our product is safe to use.  You can go here - http://www.quickreckoning.com/forum.htm 

Finally, companies such as Microsoft and other large companies would like small companies like ours to purchase a system from them for about $1500/year which allows our product to be recognized as a "safe download".  To keep our pricing low on a yearly basis, we do not pay this bribe.  Therefore when you begin the download process your web browser and some anti-virus software will tell you that our product isn't very popular and could harm your computer.  Please ignore these messages and understand our position on paying bribes for large companies to call our product safe.  For more information regarding this extortion CLICK HERE.

AVG anti-virus software has been known to block our Quickdog's installation entirely.  The only way to install our software is to turn off AVG before downloading our software.

AVAST anti-virus software has been known to remove some of Quickdog's conversion routines so if you use AVAST anti-virus QuickDog may not properly convert downloaded data.  Avast users should allow QuickDog and all other convert programs in the installation to install and run.

Norton Anti-Virus - We received a report that Comcast users and others who use Norton Anti-virus products are not able to download our software.  Norton will report that our software hasn't been downloaded by enough of its users and therefore it will block the download.  Since we use Comcast we were able to download Norton and discovered in our installation that by using the Setup, then setting Anti-Virus Auto-Protect to Off the installation went fine.   You can then turn it back on.  Our products do access the internet for registration and data download along with subscription verification.

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