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Installation Troubleshooting - The following are requirements for installing our Software

Our software installs on any Disk Drive of your computer but always within the SAME FOLDER.  This folder names are:

For QuickDog - "jaidogs", For QuickHorse - "jaihorse", and for QuickDogUK - "QuickDogUK".

This folder name is given on the SETUP popup at the very beginning of the installation process.  Before you click SETUP please note the folder name into which the software will be installed.

Your user account MUST HAVE complete access to the Disk Drive you select for the installation of our software.

Since most PCs are used by a single individual (ie they are called "Personal Computers") then typically as a user you have "administrative access" to your computer.  Therefore our software can be installed on any disk drive on your computer including the "C" drive.

To remove our software, simply delete the desktop icon for the software and the folder into which it was installed.


1) When I click on the Web Page to download the data, my computer tells me that this file may be harmful.

Our files will not harm your computer, so check to see if you are allowed to bypass this message and continue downloading/installing.

2)  My anti-virus quarantines the installation program and tells me it contains a virus.

Our software doesn't contain viruses and you should either turn off your real-time anti-virus so that you can install our software or otherwise disable your anti-virus software temporarily.  Nowadays it appears as if any software downloaded from the internet which ends with ".exe" is blocked by anti-virus software UNLESS the company which produces that software is a well known company.  Our company has been providing our software to the internet public since the year 2000 and yet, anti-virus and Microsoft still report us as UNKNOWN.

We have tested several anti-virus programs and AVG and AVAST have many false positives including our software, while Kaspersky and Microsoft Security Essentials treat our software for what it is, NO VIRUSES.  

3)  I am asked to provide ADMIN password in order to run the SETUP (Installation program).  

This probably means that our software will not properly install.  STOP and give your USER account ADMIN privileges.

If you are asked to provide ADMIN password and AFTER INSTALLATION an icon for our software doesn't appear on your Desktop then you didn't have enough access to install.  For this reason it might not be possible for you to install this software on a computer at work.

4)  I ran the setup as an Administrator and after I close the program there is no desktop icon.

Our software creates its desktop icon in the USER Desktop that installed the software.  If your USER doesn't have enough privilege to install the software and you instead run the install as an ADMINSTRATOR then the desktop icon will be created on the Administrator's desktop.  Our software doesn't use the Public Desktop for its links.

5)  I installed the program but when I go to download data, an error says that the software CAN NOT connect to the Internet.  I am online.

Recommend that you disable your anti-virus real-time protection then try downloading again.  If this fixes the problem, then you must tell your anti-virus software that our software should be allowed to run without being interrupted by the anti-virus software. 

6)  The software tells me that I must PAY for a subscription.  I thought I had a free 30 day trial.

Typically this means that you've downloaded the software in the past and your free trial was given at that time.  You can contact us and tell us about this problem.  DO NOT try installing again and using a different email address.  This will not work.  


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